Since 1960 a leader in the production of precision winders, still owned and run by the same family, with the purpose of manufacturing textile machines such as soft winders, rewinders, assembly winders, hank to cone winders, reeling machines, spooling machines,  air intermingling machines, air covering machines, air texturing machine, cops winding machines which are meant to process all types of yarns such as cotton, wool, silk, artificial fibres, synthetic fibres, mixed fibres, intermingled yarns, fancy yarns.

A long experience to celebrate the quality of an Italian industry: “Fadis”. Fadis is present in more than 70 countries all over the world. Its production offers something more, something different, something “selected”.

The last generation of Fadis’ machines clearly shows the importance we give to innovation, research and development.

Differently from others, Fadis has chosen the longest and safest road to reach you: more than half a century of experience. This experience has led to technical results that are hard to find in this field in Italy, in Europe, and throughout the world. Fadis always strives to give the best quality, technology and service available on the market today. Its entire production is based on innovation.

All this is summarised in the symbol that Fadis has always been. A team of specialised technicians is constantly involved in research, study, design of new models, new products, new materials, new technologies.

Its machines are present throughout the world, something to be very proud of. More than a point of strength it is the proof of Fadis’ quality.


A 100% made in Italy production, synonym of quality, innovation and safety. Not only this but also energy efficient technologies and equipments with reduced environmental impact.

This process started in 2002 when the Italian Ministry of Productive Activities defined the project “New generation of winding machines with computerized programming and control, characterized by high versatility of use for the different typologies of yarn winding system and by reduced power consumption” presented by Fadis as “highly innovative”.

The process continued in 2010 by replacing all the electric and heating systems of our factory, thus allowing considerable cost and energy savings. Fadis has also installed a photovoltaic system with 460 kW peak production on its roof; its annual production of 650.000 kW allows a reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere equal to 11,6 tons.

Since 2011 Fadis has been one of the promoter of the “SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES” project in which companies must equip themselves in order to offer solutions that put the reduction of the use of energy, water and chemical products at the heart of the production process. This will lead to a more responsible, careful about consumption and eco-friendly production cycle. With this project the complete range of FADIS’ machines took advantage by reducing the energy consumption thus emitting less CO2 in the air and allowing our customers to save much money on electric energy expenses.

With this further technological improvement FADIS’ machines are the least power consuming winding machines available on the market.

The “GREEN LABEL” applied to our machines will allow each customer to check the emission of CO2 per kg of produced material through the CARBON FOOTPRINT.

In 2017 Fadis started a reorganization of industrial production that is increasingly automated and interconnected by introducing the concept of “SMART FACTORY” in which cyber-physical systems control the physical processes of the company and make shared decisions thanks to continuous and real-time monitoring of all the information. With this in mind, Fadis has completely reorganised its production processes, investing in mechanical processing, buying new state-of-the-art tooling and robotic machinery, all interconnected with each other and with the other factory systems. It has changed the handling and storage logistics through 11 automated warehouses, all interconnected with the company’s computer systems and has applied advanced ICT technologies for the virtualisation of the transformation processes.

Still challenges lay ahead of us, FADIS is now working on new forms of internal organization integrated with increased digitalization to reap the opportunities and benefits given by INDUSTRY 4.0. The great optimization that FADIS is introducing in its plants will lead to greater flexibility in responding to the needs of all its customers.

Why wind up with problems if you can wind up with Fadis?

Only and always Fadis: your best partner!