The machines with electronic yarn guide of the MATRIX range represent a new concept of winding platform.


Thanks to a long company experience, to the most advanced technologies and to the innovative solutions, the MATRIX machines offer the best quality, productivity, reduced operating costs and versatility available on the market today:


  • Quality: because they absolutely ensure an optimal package formation, thanks to the electronic yarn guide technology.


  • Productivity: because thanks to their constructional design and yarn path, they can reach high winding speeds up to 1.500 m/min (mechanical speed up to 1.900 m/min).


  • Operating costs: because, thanks to the technologies used and in comparison with all the other machines available on the market, they are the ones that absolutely consume less energy and maintenance materials. In addition to that, they do not need neither additional fans nor cooling system.


  • Space-efficient and compact “double side” design: Fadis has studied and developed the Matrix machine with the most compact and rational “double side” design existing on the market. This means lower investment in buildings, lighting and electricity thus a larger environmental protection of “green spaces” and reduction of shipping costs thanks to an increased container loading capacity.
FADIS - Matrix Technology - Electronic yarn guide technology

The reliable, performing, versatile and universal MATRIX spindle with electronic yarn guided technology, 6” and 10” cylindrical take up.

FADIS - Matrix Technology - Electronic yarn guide technology

The reliable, performing, versatile and universal MATRIX spindle with electronic yarn guided technology, 6” and 8” conical take up.

  • Versatility: because, thanks to the possibility of processing all types of staple fibre yarn and textured filament yarns, of programming all process parameters through the Touch Screen industrial PC, and to their “open platform” constructional design, the MATRIX machines can meet all present and future market requirements.  It is furthermore possible to work with any type of take-up tube from 40 to 290 mm. (depending on the chosen pitch).


In order to ensure the achievement of such objectives, FADIS, in developing the MATRIX range, has chosen the best technologies, which may be thus summarized:


  • Universal winder for staple yarn and textured filament yarns with the possibility of choosing the best crossing angle (Precitronic) for each type of yarn.


  • Electronic yarn guide controlled by the Touch Screen industrial PC.


  • “Precitronic” winding system.


  • Double flange take-up tube support: guarantees the excellent control and structural stability of the bobbin for a better and faster winding.


  • Yarn guide sliding with linear technology between two tangent points.


  • Use of the carbon fiber technology.


  • Use of the brushless motor technology.


  • Pneumatic digital control of the pressure of take-up arms with a resolution of 0,01 bar.


  • High precision digital meter counter with a tolerance of up to +/- 0,50%.


  • Automatic on-line yarn tension control with a resolution of 0,1 g.


  • Automatic on-line package density control with tolerance of up to +/- 0,010 g/cm3  (optional)




Very sturdy extruded aluminium structure. The electronic yarn guide system uses the technology of linear sliding between two tangent points and is made with highly technological materials.


The yarn guide is mounted on a very resistant timing belt, which rotates on two positive drive pulleys, and is driven by an inverter controlled step motor in turn controlled by the Touch Screen industrial PC.


This system not only allows the yarn guide’s perfect sliding, but also to reach 850 double strokes per minute and to work under dry conditions (without oil or grease), thus eliminating all lubrication and maintenance problems and greatly reducing electric energy consumption.